The aircrafts flying wing design is extremely efficient allows for high cruising speeds and long ranges. Pair with the vertical take off and landing capabilities it enables pinpoint launching without the needs of long runways.
Delivery and Pickup
In hovering mode, the aircraft opens cargo bay doors and is able to drop or winch packages for pickup or delivery.
Thermal Optics
Outfitted with specialty far-infrared cameras, the drone can see in pitch black conditions. Thermal vision also the easy identification of lost people or vehicles. Or hazards such as gas leaks.
Camera Tracking
The flying wing platform provided very stable flight making imaging easier. Paired with gimbal controlled cameras and advanced image processing, allows for the easy tracking of points of interest.
Telephoto Optics
Large carrying capacity of the drone allows for larger optics which enables the ability for high image magnification without sacrificing quality.
Cloud Management
Management and piloting of the drones can all be done on a cloud dashboard. Real time sensor data and video feeds are also displayed online.
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