What we do

Improve Healthcare Logistics and Access

Modern medicine can be incredibly effective, but unfortunately the logistical networks that support healthcare and ensure easy access are often overlooked.

Over 3B people globally live in rural areas where healthcare services are limited or highly inaccessible. Aerlift’s delivery systems and logistics management technology enable governments to provide life-saving healthcare services to some of the hardest-to-reach populations around the world.

In urban settings, Aerlift’s logistics services help hospitals and their supply chains operate more efficiently. Elevated oversight of inventory helps reduce waste while mitigating risks of shortages, yielding cost savings and improved care at the patient level.

For many developing nations, the vast majority of the population is served by community-level healthcare centres. These centers are oftentimes highly disconnected from larger healthcare hubs and efficient transportation infrastructure.

Who we are

The Aerlift Team balances a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets – combining technical engineering expertise with experience in public healthcare intervention. Our technical team stems from the aerospace sector with multiple pending patents. Our implementation team has spent years working alongside international governments developing digital health platforms.

Together with our humanitarian, corporate, and government partners, Aerlift is extending the reach of healthcare through technical and social innovation.

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