About us

Design, Manufacture, and Operate UAVs for Delivery Inspection Rescue Survey Pickup Recon

Aerlift is a drone technology company. We custom design and build VTOL transition flying wing aircraft that can reach distances up to 100km at speeds up to 100km/hr. These aircraft can be modularly configured for applications such as inspection, delivery and pickup. Our project include humanitarian aid, and delivery of medicine to remote inaccessible regions working with NGOs and government in Africa and South-East Asia. As well as inspection, surveillance for search & rescue and oil & gas. Drone have been deployed in challenging environments such as warzones and remote jungles.

Aerlift was started by a team of aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineers who grew up together building robots. They are former winners of the worlds largest robotics competition, hold multiple patents applications in the commercial aviation sector, and have a strong background in aerospace research and development.